MEET US: Lily – a woman in charge

MEET US: Lily – a woman in charge

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This next portrait is about Lily. A very dedicated and energetic young woman in her late twenties. As we speak, I feel her commitment echoing through the phone when she proudly tells me about her education in finances and subsequent job as head of administration at Lake Victoria Vanilla. Her area of responsibility lies in the administration of the farm. She functions as one of three managers. Together they plan the targets and goals of the coming days and make sure the targets are reached. Planting vanilla is a long-term project that requires good planning and a disciplined workflow. This is a role Lily is very happy with and proudly says, “I love everything about it.” Holding a position of responsibility gives ownership of the farm, and her skill set comes to good use.

Lily explains how as a woman it can be difficult to find a job like hers in Tanzania, as high-profile positions often go to men. At Lake Victoria Vanilla she has been given an opportunity to use her qualifications, education and skills that would have been difficult to utilise elsewhere. “I love to share my ideas and see my work being implemented,” she says. Her job gives her the opportunity to have a say in how the work process is laid out and then see the effects of her inputs. It gives a sense of being involved and engaged in the company. In Tanzanian culture, men and women are not always viewed as equals in the workplace. Lily explains that at Lake Victoria Vanilla, there is a close relationship across ranks, genders and religions. This is a good thing, she says, because everyone contributes from different backgrounds, and everyone has the same understanding of the workplace and can easily find common ground. “It’s some good kind of people. They know what to do,” she says with love.

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