How we ensure accountability and trust

Governance in ESG

At Victoria Vanilla Farm, we operate with the conviction that transparency fosters trust and drives improvement. Our open-book approach ensures that every step we take towards enhancing sustainability, bolstering our social impact, and refining governance is fully disclosed and accessible.

Knowledge sharing is a building stone and embrace the it in everything we do. Whether it’s the intricacies of our farming techniques or the nuances of our ESG initiatives, we maintain open channels of communication. By doing so, we invite customers, partners, and the broader community to understand our methods and join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future

Transparent Accounting

Implementing clear and honest reporting practices that provide an accurate picture of the company’s financial health. 

  • We have a recognised external accountant and our books are audited annually

Ethical Business Conduct

Establishing a code of ethics to prevent corruption, bribery, and other unethical business practices. 

  • We have zero tolerance for corruption
  • We ensure that none of the vanilla cuttings or other inputs that we buy are stolen goods
  • We are currently mapping how our payments for goods purchased locally are shared between producer and the intermediary


Board Composition and Structure

Ensuring that the board of directors or governing body includes members with relevant expertise and diverse perspectives, and operates with clear roles and responsibilities. 

  • We recruit to our board through an open recruitment process and encourage minorities to apply

Sustainable Farming Practices

Committing to sustainable agricultural methods that ensure long-term soil health and resource availability. This is described in details under Environment.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to all local and international laws and regulations relevant to farming operations, including environmental and trade laws. 

  • We have external lawyers that ensure we live up to all requirements


Information Disclosure

Providing transparency about the company’s operations, including disclosure of efforts to improve sustainability, social impact, and governance practices. 

  • Transparency in everything we do. We share all our knowledge and are 100% open source