Practices and policies that directly affect the well-being of individuals and communities

Social in ESG

At Lake Victoria Vanilla, we are committed to enhancing the social well-being of our employees and local communities through our robust Social initiatives. We prioritice fair labour practices by offering above-average wages, safe working conditions, and benefits like paid holidays and meals. Our commitment extends beyond the workplace into the community, where we support local infrastructure, education, and healthcare. We emphasise diversity and equal opportunities in our hiring practices and enforce a strict no child labor policy. Through training and development programs, we empower our employees and local farmers, sharing valuable agricultural knowledge and resources to foster sustainable growth and development.

Fair Labour Practices

Ensuring that workers are paid fair wages, work reasonable hours, and have safe working conditions. Here are some examples.

  • We pay 20% above average
  • Overtime is rare and paid
  • Working 40 hours per week
  • Paid holiday
  • Paid breakfast and lunch
  • Inspections by AUSHA
  • We have introduced paternity leave, 
  • Mothers can bring their child to work while breastfeeding 


Community Engagement

We invest in local infrastructure, education, and healthcare to improve the quality of life in the communities where our farming operations are located. 

  • Dispensary paid by us
  • English classes free
  • On job training that employees use at home and share with neighbours

Equal Opportunities

We promoting diversity and inclusion in hiring practices and career advancement, including gender equality. 

  • Half of our staff are women, half men
  • Age range from mid 20 to 67 years
  • Several religions are represented
  • New employees are selected by draw to avoid favouratism.

Worker Rights

We uphold workers’ rights to assemble and negotiate collectively, and ensuring no child labor is used. 

  • We enforce a strict no child labour policy extending to our suppliers
  • We encourage our employees to discuss the working conditions, and contact management if they have concers. 


Health and Safety

We have implemented rigorous health and safety standards to protect workers from occupational hazards. 

  • Using protective gear is mandatory
  • We have had no work related accidents since beginning operation in 2020.

Supply Chain Accountability

We ensuring ethical practices throughout the supply chain, including sourcing from suppliers who also adhere to social standards. 

  • Close contact with suppliers to ensure they know our view
  • We are currently mapping how payments for goods bought locally are distributed 

Employee Development

We provide training and development programs for workers to enhance skills and increase productivity. 

Support for Smallholders

Assisting smallholder farmers with access to markets, credit, and technology help them improve yields and profitability. 

We do that by

  • Sharing all knowledge. We have contributed to farmers productivity by sharing our knowledge and experience on how we make compost, how to get rid of east African couch grass and how to improve vanilla production.
  • We also share vanilla cuttings with our workers for their own use, giving them the opportunity to produce and sell their own vanilla.

Social Impact Investments

By allocating funds and resources to social enterprises that address social issues within farming communities, we promote local development from the root. 

Through our foundation we support the local development, in particular schooling of vulnerable children.