The projects we have completed will be listed here

Learning each day to produce the best vanilla

Building a farm from scratch we have a lot to learn, and we do so every day in small or large scale. Most often it is too small to be called a project, like testing two different working methods, but other times it requires several people and many days of work. Then we call it a project. The objective of our projects is always to find a better way and to learn more about a given topic. We do so by including external experts, by examining academic litterature, by talking to experts and by testing, testing, testing.


Soil contains fungus. It should do. Our job is to ballance the fungus, the bacteria, the soil structure, etc to make an environment that is good for vanilla and bad for its enemies. One of these enemies is fusarium.

Fusarium will kill the vanilla plant. Once a vanilla is infected, it cannot be saved, so it is key to protect the vanillas.

In the summer of 2023 we put together an advisory board consisting of Carlos, Louise and Mette, who put together a plan for how to handle the risk of fusarium based on experience, observations and a meta-study of research done in the field.

If you want to know more, please reach out. Contact details are found below.

Nutricious Breakfast

Our employees work hard, so we serve them breakfast and lunch every day. Since we started in 2020 we have served small deepfried buns, but we wanted to upgrade that breakfast and include fruits and healthy fats.

As we were fortunate to have to professional chefs visiting, we asked them to help us create recipies that both tasted well, were nutricious and gave the energy to work for several hours.

If you want to hear more, please contact us and we will share the recipies.


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